Stream is a demoscene and digital art event held now for the 10th time. The party brings talented and creative people together to have fun and compete in various competitions.


Live shows!


We have booked two live concerts for the friday evening: Byproduct and 64Mula! Both will play demoscene and video game related sounds to your ears.

Bus trip


Accession guys are organizing a bus trip from Helsinki to the party place (and back!). It's almost fully booked already so act NOW:

Welcome to Stream TEN (10)!


The tenth and final Stream demoparty is on its way! Stream organisation, Matt Current, Byterapers and Accession would like to invite you to the best demoparty in Finland for the one more time!

If you have any questions about the party, please send an e-mail to Join #streamparty on Ircnet to have a chat with other attendees and organisers.


The party takes place in the city of Tampere in Finland and is housed for the sixth time in a large indoor golf hall.

Party features

Massive big screen and sound system.

Table space for computers and other equipment. No additional fee will be charged for using table space.

Food and drinks can be bought from the sales desk at the party place. Nearby shopping mall offers everything we won't.

Showers and two saunas! Remember to bring your own towel!

Lots of sofas for the most comfort compo viewing experience.



The street address is Kirkonmäenkatu 15.

Bus lines 13 (Hermia) and 22 (Annala) can be used for travelling to the party place from Tampere city center. The bus stops nearest to the party place are marked in the above map. The bus ticket price is 2.60€.

Taxi fee from the city centre to the party place is 15-20€.

Competitions will begin during the saturday afternoon continuing until midnight.

Competitions are for showing off your talent be it a veteran or a newcomer so create something impressive for the applauses and deep respect. Alternatively just come by and enjoy the fruits of the hard work of the elites.

See the schedule to see deadlines and viewing times.

Stream is a non-profit event and all the gathered income after organising expenses will be paid as prizes for the competition winners.

General rules

Be aware that the competition organisers reserve the right to change the compo rules at any time and disqualify any entries for any reason they see appropriate.

Remote entries are allowed in all competitions! For remote participation the production will need to be send to us before the first day of the party.



  • PC, 2600K i7 clocked at 4.3GHz, GTX660Ti, 16 GB of RAM
  • Mac, specifications TBA


  • PC, specifications TBA
  • Android, specifications TBA
  • Amiga 1200, 060/50MHz accelerator, 64 MB of RAM
  • Raspberry Pi Model B


  • Commodore 64 with 1541-II
  • Amiga 500

Note: Entries on platforms not listed above are welcome, but you'll have to contact us about it before the party and bring all the required hardware to the party place. In case it's not possible to connect the hardware to the video equipment, you might need to make recording of the production yourself.

Demo competitions

We have three different demo competitions, one for each platform category listed above.

Maximum compressed file size is 128 MB for high-end, 16 MB for low-end and 1 MB for oldschool platforms.

Maximum duration is 8 minutes.

Tiny intro competition

Basically a 4kB intro competition, but you're also encouraged to make an entry below 4kB. Size of the entry will be shown on the big screen.

High-end and low-end platforms are combined. Tiny oldschool entries belong to oldschool demo competition.

Maximum uncompressed file size is 4096 bytes.

Maximum duration is 5 minutes.

Video/animation competition

Submit in a format that is playable by VLC media player (MPEG4 h264 recommended).

Maximum duration is 5 minutes.

Music competitions

Two different competitions seperated by style. Very danceable entries go to dance music competition and everything else goes to listening music competition.

A preselection will be conducted by compo organisers if the number of entries exceeds 10 in one category.

Submit as MP3 or OGG with a bitrate of at least 160kbps. You may include additional versions of the track in other formats (e.g. in original tracker format).

Maximum duration is 4 minutes.

Graphics competition

Submit as PNG image.

You may use photos in your entry, but the picture must be primarily made of drawn or rendered elements.

Textmode graphics competition

Combined ANSI and ASCII competition.

Multipage entries allowed. No animations.

This is preliminary schedule and will change more or less closer to the party.

Demos will be shown on big screen when there's no other program going on.


16:00 - Doors open
21:00 - Opening ceremony
21:30 - Byproduct live
22:30 - 64Mula live
23:45 - Quiz! Hosted by Grue


11:00 - Movie screening
13:00 - Decathlon (C64) competition
14:00 - Deadline for non-realtime competitions
15:30 - Listening music competition
17:00 - Graphics competition
17:30 - Textmode graphics competition
18:00 - Deadline for realtime competitions
19:00 - Video/animation competition
20:00 - Oldschool demo competition
21:00 - Intro competition
23:00 - Low-end and high-end demo competitions


00:00 - Dance music competition
01:00 - Dj sets
12:00 - Prize giving ceremony
14:00 - Doors close

Whether a scene veteran or a newbie who have just found the demoscene, we love nothing more than seeing you at the party!

Presales begin later on so don't panic.


Please note that in order to attend the party you must receive an invitation!

Everyone who have attended previous Stream events will become automatically invited. New attendees need to get an invitation from organisers or from someone who has already been invited.

This is not to restrict anyone from coming to the party. Everyone is more than warmly welcome as long as he/she shares our interest in the demoscene or digital art in general.

The ticket price from the door is 25€ or 20€ if paid in advance, before 5th of may.


Every visitor has an account in our intranet system. Accounts are linked to RFID tags and are used to identify you at the sales desk. At the sales desk the RFID tags are charged for your purchases.

You can deposit credits at the info desk (NOT at the sales desk) and if you buy tickets in advance you may deposit credits at the same time.

It is possible to use your existing RFID tag (bus card etc.) alternatively you can buy a tag from the party. Our RFID readers read only the unique ID of RFID tag and do not perform any alterations to its content.

The purpose of this arrangement is to minimise the need to handle cash.